Welcome to my portfolio!


My name is Michał. I design websites and computer graphics

for 11 years now, and for 3 years I also run courses in that

and other fields.

I invite you to become acquainted with my portfolio and encouraged to cooperation.


If you're looking for someone who is hard-working, scrupulous and engaged

in his work then you're on the right place.


I am currently working in an advertising agency Creative Apple A&M Ltd in Stockport.



Designing websites and computer graphics

is my big passion which I make fulheartedly

and in every free moment. I also run courses

in websites and graphics design and office

software usage. More information about me

you will find in 'CV' section.


I work either with companies and private clients.




I'd be interested in a long-term cooperation with an advertising agency



    What do I do?






I design websites for 11 years and despite having many other offers

I'm still mainly focused on that area and first of my aims is to keep

developing my skills to be able to provide service on the highest level.


In websites designing I use:

    - XHTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, JQuery

    - CMS Joomla, CMS Drupal, Artisteer

    - Flash, ActionScript

    - PrestaShop

    - Moodle






DTP - I create and prepare publications designed for offset and digital print.



I design:

    - business cards

    - posters

    - billboards

    - logotypes


- brochures

- catalogs company

- notebooks

- graphics at t-shirts









I give courses in:

    - applications usage (graphics, office)

    - website creating

    - basic usage of a computer







Other IT services: 

    - Windows/Linux format,

    - necessary software installation

    - Windows optimization

    - PC building

    - help and advice in buying computer hardware

    - IT support for companies and private clients



How many hours of courses and trainings have I made?



  Name of the course:

Number of hours:


Name of the course:

Number of hours:











  ikony-illustrator 40   ikony-powerpoint 20
  ikony-indesign 97   ikony-excel 84
  ikony-coreldraw 354   ikony-acrobat 15
  ikony-gimp 48   ikony-basic-computer 120


      What makes me special?    

First of all - flexibility, quick work and reliability. I also offer

free support in first few weeks of running a new website.

As the only one I offer free 2-hour-long trainings in running

and maintaining websites I have designed for you..








Moreover, I offer security improvements of websites

againsthackers' attacks. That kind of service is rarely

offered by other web designers.



     My priority?


      The highest level of service and client's satisfaction – your satisfaction is my priority.

     Are you looking for a graphics and websites designer or an employee for your company?




If you need one for your company, advertising agency or as a private person:

    strzalka graphics designer
  strzalka website designer
  strzalka coach in:
                strzalka computer graphics
    (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator,Flash, InDesign,CorelDraw, Gimp, etc.)
      strzalka website designing   (XHTML, CSS, CMS Joomla, Drupal, SEO, etc.)
      strzalka office aplication usage    (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint Writer, Calc)
      strzalka PC usage fundamentals   (Microsoft Windows, Internet, aplikacje biurowe, etc.)



        Call me, write an e-mail or send me a message by contact form available on my website